Isildur1 Dismantles Ilari FIN for $1 Million

Viktor Blom
Viktor "Isildur1" Blom

Viktor Blom gave a vintage Isildur1 performance this weekend, winning over $1 million from Ilari Sahamies and then immediately dropping $515k.

It was one of the biggest weekends in online poker since Black Friday and Blom played over 5,000 hands of $100/$200 PLO.

The incredible performance came right after Sahamies’ great run last week that saw him win over $1 million with a large portion of that coming from Blom.

Apparently Blom wanted a rematch and on Saturday, Sahamies was happy to oblige. The session quickly turned into a bloodbath and Blom raked in three separate $200k+ pots.

Finally, after losing $1.04 million, Sahamies finally surrendered and called it a night.

Later Sahamies penned a blog post that was titled “Biggest Tilt Ever…” where he admitted he played weak and is going to go back down to $25/$50 PLO next week.

It was a disheartening turn of events for Sahamies who had dug himself out of a massive hole earlier in the week only to climb right back in. He’s now looking at being down $282k this year.

Isildur1 could have quit with more than $1 million in profit at that moment but he simply couldn’t stay away from the tables he played several huge sessions against Andreas “Skjervoy” Torbergsen and Niki “RealAndyBeal” Jedlicka.

The young Swede got pounded by both players and ended up losing half a million dollars.

Isildur1 is still holding on to a profit of just under $1 million on PokerStars in 2011.

Considering the amount of volume he’s been playing over the last few weeks it wouldn’t be surprising to see him double that number or lose it all over the next week. 

Sahamies wasn’t the only player to feel pain this weekend as Phil “MrSweets28” Galfond (-$263k), gavz101 (-$133k) and Ben86 (-$100k) were all big losers.

Blom was the biggest winner but Skjervoy (+$450k), Jedlicka (+$250k), Jeans89 ($184k) and PepperoniF (+$76k) all had great weekends.

As an interesting side note there were several $200/$400 6-Max tables running on the iPoker network this weekend.

In general it’s rare to see a ton of nosebleed games running on the iPoker network but since Black Friday the games have been getting bigger and bigger.

It's not inconceivable that some of the high stakes games will start moving to sites like Titan Poker.

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