Isildur1 Crushes Haxton to Win $1 Million SuperStar Showdown

Viktor Blom
Viktor "Isildur1" Blom

A relentless Viktor “Isildur1” Blom finally got the best of Isaac Haxton in the $1 Million SuperStar Showdown earlier today.

Blom took a $281k lead into the third match of the massive showdown and although Haxton put in a valiant effort he could only hold the Swede back for so long.

The rules of the event were simple: both Blom and Haxton brought $500k each to the tables with the intention of playing until one player had all the cash. They played $200/$400 No-Limit Hold’em over four tables.

It certainly didn’t help Haxton that Isildur1 won $40k in the very first hand of action today.

After the first hour of play Isildur1 had Haxton in serious trouble and out-chipped him $900k to $100k.

In the second hour of action Haxton fell to one table with just $75,000 left.

The Showdown very nearly came to an end when Haxton was down to his last $16k on one table and got everything in the middle with K-J. Isildur1 held QQ but a king on the flop secured Haxton a double up.

Haxton went on a tear that saw him get back up over $100k before finally collapsing to an all-out onslaught by Isildur1.

With just half an hour left to play Haxton dropped down to $25,000 on table and never recovered. The final hand occured with under five minutes left.

Isaac Haxton
Isaac "philivey2694" Haxton

Isildur1 Finishes Haxton with Trip Aces

Isildur1 opened for $800 and Haxton flatted. The flop came A A 2 and Haxton checked. Isildur1 c-bet $800. Haxton called and that brought the 9 turn.

Once again Haxton checked and this time Isildur1 fired $2,000. Haxton called and the river brought the Q. For the final time Haxton checked, with only $6k behind, and Isildur1 shoved.

Haxton called and tabled K 8 for king-high but Isildur1 had him crushed with A 6 for trip aces. Game over.

The game ended with a terse “gg” from both Haxton and Isildur1 in the chatbox.

With the victory, Isildur1 finally got revenge on the player who’s had his number since the SuperStar Showdowns began on PokerStars.

Haxton was up $46k over the two matches he played against Isildur1 prior to the $1 Million Showdown.

Isildur1 is now up $1.1 million all-time in the 11 SuperStar Showdowns that have been played against pros on PokerStars.

In the tradition of our old durrrr Challenge number based recaps we thought we’d present some of the most notable numbers from the Haxton/Blom showdown below.

$1 Million SuperStar Showdown By the Numbers:

  • 500,000: Won by Isildur1
  • 169,000: Biggest pot of the Showdown (see below)
  • 5,030: Hands played
  • 11: Hours played
  • 4: Tables generally played at once
  • 3: Days it took to complete the showdown
  • 0: Players Isildur12 has lost money to in the SuperStar Showdown
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