Isildur1 and Dwan Crush the Weekend


When the dust finally cleared after an action-filled weekend it was Isildur1 and Tom “durrrr” Dwan walking away on top, each with a massive profit in tow.

The first big session for Dwan came Saturday evening when he sat for 413 hands of heads-up $200/$400 Pot-Limit Omaha against Isildur1.

Dwan left the session up $81k, logging off for the night.

Eight hours later, before dawn on Sunday, Dwan sat for 360 hands of $300/$600 PLO against Patrik Antonius and PixKim.

By the end of that four-and-a-half-hour session, Dwan had massed over $624k in profit, the majority coming from the quickly floundering Antonius.

After the $81k loss to Dwan, Isildur1 went on a series of swings.

First he made back $79k of his losses, then dumped another $177,990 at $200/$400 Cap PLO.

He was soon back on the up-swing, however, making $64k from Cole South heads-up before meeting up with Dwan again, this time at a six-max $300/$600 PLO game.

The six-max game saw hours of furious action between Isildur1, Dwan, Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies, Hac "trex313" Dang, Patrik Antonius and others.

And despite playing against some of the most prolific players in the world, Isidlur1 left after 1,689 hands with a profit of $517,223.

Dwan took a $229k loss at the same game, Sahamies nearly broke even losing just $10k, Dang made away with $119k and Patrik Antonius took a massive hit, losing over $874,000.

After breaking the six-max game, Isildur1 moved on to play a couple of cap games, losing $18k at $200/$400 Cap PLO and making around $90k from LarsLuzak at $500/$1,000 Cap No-Limit Hold'em.

The unknown Swede went on to make another $83k from Triko at $200/$400 PLO, and after just ten hands of heads-up $200/$400 PLO against Sahamies, called it quits.

By the end of the weekend Isildur1 had made $526,083, bringing his total profit for the year up to around $915,000.

Meanwhile, Dwan put in two more heads-up sessions and a couple small Cap PLO sessions before logging off.

His first heads-up match resulted in a $76k to LarsLuzak after 222 hands of $500/$1,000 Cap NLHE.

But Dwan turned it around in his final heads-up match of the weekend, taking another $306k from Antonius, this time over 344 hands of $300/$600 PLO.

All toll, Dwan finished the weekend with a massive profit of $856,489, bringing him up to around $1.7 million profit for the year so far.

Antonius came out of the weekend as the biggest loser by far, finishing stuck over $960k bringing his losses in 2010 up to $2.8 million in so far.

Below are three of the largest hands from the weekend, to see more head to MarketPulse.


Isildur1 hit the crap out of that flop



I like how 3256 wins this pot.



Antonius really needs to start running better.

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