Rounders-based poker game set for release

The cult classic movie Rounders is responsible for inspiring thousands of people to become poker players. Now it has also inspired a new mobile poker game that is set for release soon.

"Rounders Poker" will give fans a chance to relive the movie in the role of Mike and take on the underground poker world in the game.

The game incorporates quotes and dialog from the movie, and the player encounters several other characters from the movie including Teddy KGB.

Some of the features of the game include:

  • Stunning graphics
  • First-person action with three modes of game play
  • Story-based mode with settings, characters and more from the movie
  • Cheating elements such as bottom dealing and signaling
  • Innumerable opponents with their own avatars

One of the modes of play features a multi-player option for up to seven players. It has features such as customizable stakes, chatting, invitations and buddy lists.

There's even millions of avatar customizability options so players can create their own unique images in the game.

The game is produced by Nazara Technologies, a leading mobile entertainment provider based in India.

Nazara CEO Nitish Mittersain said, "With 'Rounders Poker,' we believe we have a strong franchise that will not only appeal to the fans of the movie, but will also provide a captivating poker experience unlike anything that has ever been achieved before on the mobile platform."

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