Betfair's Irish Poker Classic great craic

Roy Brindley
Roy "The Boy" Brindley couldn't land a win at the IPC.

Slyvester Geoghegan showed the pros the door at Betfair Poker's Irish Poker Classic to win the record-setting tournament and three-way split pot.

Turnout was at an all-time high for the event, with 122 players buying in at the Macau Sporting Club in Cork.

The group - which included the likes of Roy "The Boy" Brindley, U.K. Grosvenor Poker Tour winner Michael Greco and 1997 World Snooker champ Ken Doherty - raised a prize pool of €183,000 for the three-day event.

The 33-year-old victor comes from Mullingar, Westmeath, and was the dark horse when play came to the final three. After making a deal to split the pot three ways, with the majority share of the cash going to chip leader Shane Walshe, Geoghegan came from behind to win the show.

"I am delighted to win this event; the game was so friendly; we have great craic!" Betfair quoted him as saying after the tournament.

Two of Betfair Poker's online qualifiers, Stewart Dobbin and Scott Boyle, also had good sessions, placing in eighth and third, respectively. For final tabling, both men scored exclusive Betfair Poker Threedom Passes, which gives them free buy-in, flights and accommodation for three years at the Irish Poker Classic.

Final results are as follows:

  1. Sylvester Geoghegan - €31,000 (deal)
  2. Shane Walshe - €42,000 (deal)
  3. Scott Boyle - €32,000 (deal)
  4. Trevor Dineen - €14,000
  5. Ken Doherty - €10,800
  6. Paul Leckey - €8,500
  7. Johnny Cahalane - €7,000
  8. Stewart Dobbin - €5,500
  9. Richard St John - €4,000
  10. Steven Colgan - €3,000

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