Ireland's National Student Poker Championship

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Like keg stands, poker seems to be a universally popular pastime among students these days.

On April 5, the National Student Poker Championship, sponsored by Devilfish Poker, took place in Dublin, Ireland. The tournament held at the Regency Airport Hotel cost €65+€7 for entry; its 278 runners made for a total prize pool of €18,070.

The event, run by, saw 27 players make the money, with the final table consisting of nine players:

Place Player Prize
1st James Scullion €4,000
2nd David Downey €3,330
3rd Paul Murphy €3,000
4th Aaron O'Neill €1,395
5th Samantha Hayes €1,035
6th Dominic Marley €905
7th Neil Adams €725
8th Carlo Popplewell €540
9th Damien Kent €360

The winner, James Scullion, is a computer science student from Ballymena studying at Queens University, Belfast. When asked what he would do with his winnings he was quoted as saying, "I'll put some of it away, but probably use some to play similar sized buy-in events. I've never played in anything like this before or won anything like this before so it's great." cosponsored the tournament with Devilfish poker, named after its star player David Ulliott. The surest sign of the event's success was its convivial atmosphere. Organizers and players alike seemed to agree that poker should be about having a good time, with honest fun competition.

With the massive popularity of poker among students, this event is just one of many around the globe specifically catering to hopes to run it again at the same time next year.

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