Investigation into WSOP finalist continues

Richard Lee

Authorities in San Antonio are still working to build a case against Richard Lee, the sixth place finisher in the 2006 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event. Police recently searched the home of Michele Stiehl- Guerra, the cousin of Lee's wife, seizing items that link her to Lee's illegal gambling business.

According to the warrant for the search filed in court on Wednesday, Stiehl-Guerra is running her portion of the illegal gambling and sports booking operation from her residence. She is accused of maintaining a players list for Lee.

The authorities began looking into Stiehl-Guerra after her nickname, "Chele," was found on a players list with phone numbers seized from Richard Lee's home. Her nickname also appears on other lists near the names of Lee's associates.

Lee and his son-in-law's homes in San Antonio were searched in August in connection with illegal gambling just weeks after Lee won $3 million in the WSOP. During the search of Lee's home, authorities seized several automobiles and other property believed to have been purchased with illegal gambling proceeds as well as what they believe is evidence of the illegal gambling business.

Lee has not been arrested or charged yet in the case, and authorities are not releasing the names of the people who've gambled in Lee's illegal business. According to local media, it appears that they are focusing on building a federal case against Lee instead of worrying about misdemeanor gambling charges against the players.

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