Intruder123 encroaches on ECOOP main event

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The European Championship of Online Poker III wrapped up on Sunday with the $1.5 million guaranteed main event.

With 1,283 players showing up to pay the $1,000+$60 to play, the Texas Hold'em main event ended up with a bit of an overlay that yielded added value for the players. The biggest benefactor of that overlay was intruder123, who picked up the win in the event.

Intruder123 takes home $315,000 for first place. He joins a total of 14 players who became winners in the ECOOP III, and the list of hundreds who picked up cash in the events.

Here are the final-table finishers who scored payouts in the final event:

Place Name Prize
1st Intruder123 $315,000
2nd piccajo $165,000
3rd jornxx $120,000
4th marinelou $90,000
5th Heffasauren $75,000
6th ZionTribe $60,000
7th BolS4ns $45,000
8th Sedoj77 $30,000
9th kainrydhalls $21,000

And that puts to rest another round of the ECOOP this year. Several of the 14 events bested their guaranteed prize amounts this time around, meaning players were handed out much more than the original $4.15 million guaranteed through the events.

The ECOOP III was hosted by the iPoker Network, with players able to join in from sites such as CD Poker, Mansion Poker and more.

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