takes Extreme Poker Challenge to the skies

On July 26,'s third Extreme Poker Challenge will see players competing in a tournament hosted high above the Nevada desert. Competitors who are knocked out of the poker game will be forced to jump from the plane where the tournament is taking place.

Kenna James, Phil Laak, Scott Fischman and Robert Varkonyi are already signed up for the "Losers Leap" event and will be joined by two more unknown players who qualify through

The six players will load into an airplane which will take them 10,000 feet into the air somewhere near Las Vegas. As the poker game goes on, players who bust out of the game will be forced to parachute out of the plane.

The game will last until there's one person left, besides the pilot, or until the plane runs out of fuel.

Juha Helppi won the first Extreme Poker Challenge which took players to a table sitting on the bottom of the Caribbean Sea. The second challenge was won by Varkonyi on an ice shelf in Finland.

Interested players must qualify for a World Series of Poker event at They will then be entered into a freeroll to decide who will play in the third Extreme Poker Challenge.

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