signs online poker sensation to Extreme Team

Professional poker player Jordan Morgan has signed on to be a part of's Extreme Team. Morgan is ranked in the top ten worldwide for online play and has recently cashed in four of this year's World Series of Poker events.

"Jordan Morgan is one of the best players of his generation - he bets wisely, and plays very aggressively when the odds are in his favor," said Peter Marcus, spokesperson. "Jordan is the perfect addition to the Extreme Team, as he is young, energetic and has a wonderful rapport with the online poker community."

Morgan has been playing poker since the age of 18 when he played in nickel and dime games with friends. He moved on from there to online play and tournaments and within a couple years had made himself well-known in the online community collecting prizes of $50,000 and more.

His professional poker skills online transferred well to live games where he's had winning results on the professional poker circuit and cashed in four 2006 World Series of Poker events and taking home more than $100,000.

With this next step up the ladder of professional poker playing, Morgan becomes part of a team of players that includes Scott Fischman, Juha Helppi, Kathy Liebert, Pete Giordano, and Robert Varkonyi.

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