Internet gambling face-off brewing in Alberta

The Alexander First Nation - a Cree band with a reserve near Edmonton, Alberta - is setting up a Web hosting company and establishing their own commission to issue licenses to online gambling companies. Solicitor General Fred Lindsay says it's illegal, and there's no way he'll stand for it. Who's going to blink?

The Canadian Press is reporting Lindsay knows of the Cree band's intentions to set up a Web hosting operation similar to one run by the Mohawk Nation in Quebec - with more than 400 international gambling sites under its umbrella - and he's set to draw a line in the sand.

"We're indicating to them to cease and desist if it is their intent to conduct an illegal operation in the province of Alberta," Linsday said in the CP article.

"Anybody who goes against the Criminal Code of Canada would end up being a lawbreaker. Right now, in regard to Alexander, they've indicated intent to do that, so we're investigating it."

Lindsay indicated the Mohawks have been advising the Alexander First Nation through the set-up process, and the band has established a gaming commission to issue licenses, but gambling sites have yet to be launched.

The Alexander band, CP says, believe they are a sovereign nation with the right to issue licenses.

Application fees are said to be $20,000.

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