"Innocent" woman helped plan deadly post-poker game murder

Candace Williams, 34, has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of friend Michael Brown, 53, in Syracuse, New York, this past Friday, February 17, it has been revealed. Following the conclusion of a neighborhood poker game, Williams and Brown were walking to Williams' apartment when two armed robbers killed Brown and stole his poker winnings. Police initially believed Williams was a victim of the crime, but have since uncovered her involvement in the murder.

"The female companion that was with Mr. Brown the night of the homicide was actually involved with the planning and execution of this robbery. She had set it up with two other people identified as Andre McClain and Tyrell Dowdell,” said Sergeant Tom Connellan of the Syracuse Police Department.

Police said Williams telephoned McClain, 23, and Dowdell, 20, to let them know when she and Brown would be arriving at her home.

"She put on a pretty good act early on," he continued. "Then detectives took a close look at what we had and what she was telling us. There were some gaps in her story."

According to Annie Brown, the victim's wife, "One of the guys (at the poker game) said he had lost a big pot and he got up and left. He got a phone call. He said he'd be right back," she said. "He had lost a lot of money, one of the guys said, in the card game. He probably didn't have that much on him."

McClain has been accused of stabbing Brown to death, while police say Dowdell pistol-whipped the victim over the head. Police have not revealed how much money was stolen from Brown that evening. All of the accused are currently being held in jail without bail. They could face more charges in the future.

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