Inglorious Masters Doesn't Dampen Moment for Deadman, Team UK

Simon Deadman 1
Simon Deadman at Global Poker Masters

Things didn't go quite as planned for Team UK this weekend at the first-ever Global Poker Masters.

Coming in as a darkhorse pick to win it all they struggled to chip up in the early stages.

The stacked team featuring Simon Deadman, Sam Trickett, Jack Salter, Louis Salter and Oliver Price fell behind the pack and couldn't catch the cards they needed to move back up out of the bottom of the table.

As it turned out they were the only team eliminated on Day 1, failing to advance to the quarter-final stages.

That didn't spoil the moment - or the event -  for Deadman, however. One of the UK's leading poker lights over the last few years and Player of the Year at the British Poker Awards, Deadman says he still loved the experience and would be thrilled to take part again.

PokerListings caught up with him for a few moments before he settled in for a run at the EPT Malta Main Event.

PokerListings: You were part of Team UK at the Global Poker Masters that unfortunately busted out after Day 1. Can you give us your quick impression of the event in general?

gpm all teams
Team UK in good spirits.

Simon Deadman: I loved it. I had a great day.

I think everyone did actually.

I think there were a few worries that people weren’t going to take it serious enough but as soon as you sat down you realized everyone was playing properly. No one was messing around.

It was a really good day despite Team UK running terribly. But we had a good day.

PL: Do you think in general a team event like this has potential in the future?

SD: I think like everyone I was skeptical before the start but I think this weekend proved it was a really good idea.

PL: So if this happens again next year would you like to be on the team again?

SD: Of course, yeah, I’m working hard trying to play as much as I can to get back in the team again next year. And then hopefully prove Team UK is not as bad as it looks (laughs).

Every year more successful than the last.

PL: We heard that in the English team there wasn’t that much team spirit. Players didn’t sit together and talk strategy a lot. Is that true?

SD: No (laughs). I got asked this question yesterday as well, that’s nonsense. We talked loads and, you know, we all knew what we were doing. We just lost all our all-ins.

PL: When it comes to live poker you are one of the few players to have what looks like a career. Every year you’ve been more successful than the year before. Do you just keep getting better?

SD: Or luckier. I’m not sure. Yeah, I don’t know I guess my results get better each year so hopefully I keep improving on that and in a few years time I’ll be playing the 100k’s (laughs). Maybe.

PL: A lot of people are saying that it gets harder and harder every year to win because everybody gets better. What’s your opinion on this?

SD: That’s definitely true but you just have to stay ahead I guess. I mean if everyone gets better you have to progress at the same rate and then you’re getting better still so they still have to catch you. If you keep working hard you keep ahead of the curve.

PL: After all these years has anyone approached you with a sponsorship?

SD: No, I’ve never been approached for a sponsorship deal or anything. I get asked that question a lot but never by anyone offering a sponsorship (laughs) … so I don’t know. I’m open to offers but so far, no.

PL: Your career’s been so good and you’ve been awarded Player of the Year at the British Poker Awards. Do these awards mean a lot for you?

SD: Yeah they mean loads to me, cause it was voted by the public too, it meant a lot. You know I’ve met a lot of friends doing what I do and yeah, it felt really good that the British public voted for me. It was a really nice feeling.

British crowd
Support of British public means a lot.

PL: They’re also going to have the European Poker Awards here this week. Do you think we’re getting a few too many of these awards now or does this make sense?

SD: I don’t think there’s too many. There’s one for each country and then there’s the American, European awards … so no, I don’t think there’s too many. You can never have too many opportunities to try and get a trophy (laughs).

PL: You’d be happy to be mentioned there too, one year.

SD: Yeah hopefully if I work hard this year I’ll be able to get a nomination next year, maybe.

PL: Thanks a lot Simon, best of luck for this week.

SD: You’re welcome, thank you.

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pokie 2015-03-24 11:13:43

Cool to hear so much positive thoughts about the Masters

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