Infamous U.K. "rogue trader" wins big in online poker

Infamous British fraudster, and player, Nick Leeson, has won $25,000 in just one month of playing at, it was recently revealed. Leeson was convicted of fraud and sentenced to six and a half years in prison after pleading guilty to accumulating losses of GBP 800 million in the name of his employer, the prestigious U.K. merchant bank, Barings, in the 1990s. At that time, his losses amounted to more than the entire assets of Barings.

Needless to say, his irresponsible behavior resulted in the collapse of the bank and his marriage, not to mention years spent in prison. Upon his release, Leeson penned a book, "Rogue Trader," in which he condemned the practices that allowed him to gamble unchecked with such large amounts. Soon after, he was introduced to online poker by soccer-player-turned-actor Vinnie Jones.

Of his new career, Leeson admits: "The returns on the money can be phenomenal but I am well aware that I can lose too, so I won't be repeating the mistakes I made in the past."

The ex-con is known for his aggressive play, early raises, and bluffs. Players interested in competing against him or learning more about his life can visit

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