Inaugural Millionaire Maker Winner Benny Chen Deep Again at WSOP

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“My parents don't hassle me so much about playing poker anymore.”

Canadian poker player Benny Chen turned $1,500 into $1.2 million in the WSOP's first Millionaire Maker in 2013 and now he's deep again in the same event.

This year's event drew 7,190 entries and Chen is now one of the chip leaders with just 64 remaining.

When Chen won his first WSOP bracelet he told he was an amateur poker player, despite taking the game quite seriously.

Three years later he says that while the $1.2 million prize certainly made his life easier, he's tried to keep things much the same as they were before.

“It definitely helped me out a lot but I haven't really changed my life too much,” said Chen.

“My parents don't hassle me so much about playing poker anymore.”

Millionaire Maker Win = Freedom

Chen said he only had “little pieces and swaps” out for his big win so it's safe to say he kept a big chunk for himself.

“Everybody's different but for me (the money) gives me time,” he said. “I just try to keep things simple.”

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"Benny Chen with his WSOP bracelet in 2013.”

“I don't have to stress about paying bills and everything else so it's pretty important. I feel very grateful and very blessed.”

Chen also said that he'd keep the same lifestyle even if he was to win another seven-figure sum here in Las Vegas.

Chen is from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, where he manages a restaurant with his brother.

He still calls himself a poker amateur, despite winning over $1.65 million playing cards over the last 12 years.

“I play on and off, not as much as I used to but I pick my spots,” said Chen.

His timing appears to be spot on since things have been going smoothly once again this year.

“The last little bit I've just been running really well,” he said about his tournament so far.

“The experience from the first time is definitely valuable. I'm a little more patient this time,” he said.

Chen is guaranteed roughly ten times the $1,500 buy-in already but with a top five stack chances are we'll see him much deeper in this event.

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