If you build it, Bodog.com, they will come

Bodog.com doubled its Sunday tournament to $200,000 guaranteed this week, and the early returns indicate if you build a bigger prize pool, the players will come. At least once, for sure, as almost 2,000 came to play, making for a minimal overlay and a nice, lazy $39,240 Sunday for Adanthar.

All of the big Sunday online tournaments bounced back well from Conference Final/NETeller weekend, and the new, first-ever Bodog.com $200,000 guarantee was no exception.

After a disappointing 800 player turnout for last week's $100,000 guaranteed tournament, things were a little dubious for the bigger stakes, but everything came out roses, including the appearance of a few notable online pros.

Part of the appeal was likely the buy-in staying at $100+$9, despite the boost to the prize pool, and part likely being the gap between the Conference Finals and the Super Bowl allowing for football fans to get back in the mix.

Regardless, they came to play and champ Adanthar ended up hitting some lucky draws for the win, outlasting second place finisher timosy and well-known internet pro Adam "Roothlus" Levy.

Here's the rest of your final table:

2nd timosy $19,800
3rd countryfried $14,080
4th People_Mover $11,400
5th kooocken $8,940
6th Teamhronic $6,740
7th Adam "Roothlus" Levy $4,740
8th matrix $2,940
9th CFern21 $1,760

You can buy-in straight for the Bodog.com $200,000 guarantee for $100+$9 or you can qualify throughout the week for as little as $1. Visit Bodog.com for all the details.

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