Hypnotherapist launches program to improve poker playing

Another resource is now available for poker players looking to improve their game. Certified hypnotherapist Michele Burghardt has launched the Mind Mentor Coaching Program which can help Texas Hold'em players with their psychological game by retraining their brains to control their bodies differently in stressful situations.

The program uses one-on-one telephone sessions to help players overcome problems in their game using hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques and repetitive relaxation. As new positive behaviors are implemented in a player's game, the results are used as feedback for following sessions.

Players can enroll for up to twelve 60 minute sessions. Each session includes a customized 30-minute recorded hypnotherapy session for reinforcement that the player will receive in the mail.

According to Burghardt, there's a "No Tilt" audio series available as a starter tool, and the Mind Mentor Coaching Program is the best choice for players who know they have specific challenges in their game and want to focus on that.

Burghardt is a certified sports hypnotherapist with eight years and thousands of hours of hypnotherapy experience under her belt. She and her husband Eric are also both successful Texas Hold'em tournament players. Eric's poker record - 33% first place finishes in his cash career - is an example of the effectiveness of the program.

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