Huck Seed home for charity tourney

Huck Seed

He might be the 1996 World Series of Poker champion, but Huck Seed can't lay claim to the title of Bitterroot Valley's Texas Hold'em charity tournament. The poker pro busted out in seventh place after returning to headline the event near his Montana hometown.

Seed was in Hamilton, Mont., Saturday, where local poker players gathered for a chance to knock the champ out of the tournament and collect a $10,000 prize.

The night's roster included 20 players, each buying in $1,000 to test their mettle against the man they call Huckleberry.

Money raised Saturday is destined for the Corvallis Community Event Center in Seed's hometown.

In addition to competing in the tournament, Seed signed autographs and chatted with poker enthusiasts. He even regaled the crowd with a story about the origins of his name.

"That's my real name," he said of his preference to be called Huckleberry, reports local newspaper, the Missoulian.

"When I was 7, I asked my dad why he named me what he did. He told me that he figured if I was ever famous - if I were to ever become, say, a famous baseball player - I wouldn't have to make up a name."

The four-time World Series gold bracelet winner moved to Corvallis from northern California in seventh grade and graduated from high school there in 1987.

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