Howard Lederer Asks Court to Dismiss All Charges

Howard Lederer
Howard Lederer

Former Full Tilt Poker owner Howard Lederer has filed a motion to dismiss all charges in the civil suit he’s facing.

According to court documents obtained by the Online Poker Report, Lederer’s attorney’s filed the paperwork late last night.

The motion asks for the court to dismiss the entire $42.5 million claim against Lederer.

Lederer initially filed to dismiss the charges against him in August of this year but had to re-file because the government amended its case against Lederer in September to target the former Full Tilt head’s considerable assets.

One of the key arguments of the motion is that Full Tilt Poker is not a “gambling business” thanks to the recent DeCristina ruling that declared poker a skill game. Therefore Full Tilt Poker was not in violation of the Illegal Gambling Business Act.

Interestingly a supplemental claim lists Lederer’s assets and he apparently owns four Audis and a 2010 “1965” Shelby Cobra. The 2008 Maserati GranTurismo that was mentioned in the updated case against Lederer was not listed.

You can read the entire motion to dismiss here.

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