How to Win Pots Without a Good Hand – The Light Three-Bet (Video)

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Learn to identify spots where you can win pots regardless of your cards.

Our latest video teaches you the basics of the light three-bet so you can pick up pots, even when you can't pick up a good hand.

Light three-betting is one of the first intermediate moves you should add to your poker skill set because it helps you deal with a common problem: aggressive opponents.

It's also especially important in tournaments when the blinds and antes get big relative to your stack and you can't sit around and wait for a premium hand.

In this situation a lot of players understand that they need to open-raise a lot of pots when it's folded to them to try to win the dead money.

But when they start doing that too often with weak hands they leave themselves vulnerable. If you can identify these spots, you can re-raise and force them to fold, regardless of what your cards are.

In the latest episode of our new intermediate strategy video series Poker Power Moves, we break down the most important things you need to know about three-betting light, plus the most common spots to look for.

After you watch the video, continue your studies with our more comprehensive article on raising and three-betting before the flop.

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