How Do You "Live the Game?" 888poker's $1m Series All About You

888Poker cafe

Is there anything in poker more satisfying than beating your best friends?

That's the underlying spirit at the core of 888poker's latest promotion, the $1m “Live the Game” tournament series running right now until March 14.

Three concurrent TV spots are also running to help bring the rec poker player’s joy of the game into the spotlight. 

Live the Game, in other words, is "all about you and the lighter motivations around poker," says Sivan Finn Shalev, PR & Marketing Director of 888poker.

"And showing how poker dynamics are reflected in real life."

Poker isn’t just a game, it’s an attitude. And there are plenty of situations in life where the poker player in you emerges.

In the Club

Our three heroes  - Dylan, Keenan and Tyrell - have just finished a little three-handed cash game when the pull of the music turns into a battle for supremacy.

“You know what blokes are like," says David Gamble, Creative Director at 888poker.

"You know you can turn anything into a competition. Whether it's belly-flops or dance-offs or how fast you can eat – tiddlywinks...Literally, anything ... breathing!

"Anything you turn into a game.”

As one of them takes the floor the other two can’t stand down in the face of a challenge. Watch the clip below:

At the Pool

You've been to this pool party before. The one where dudes don’t just jump into the pool – they jump into the pool in increasingly spectacular displays of machismo that may or may not end well.

Check the clip:

In the Café

The one-upmanship can take over anywhere, including a quaint little cafe where some simple shuffling and dealing turns into a battle of dexterity.

“Most gambling ads are neon lights and titles," says Luke Till, Creative Manager at 888poker.

"They're just ramming it all down people's throats. We wanted to create a nice story, and we just wanted to stand out – do something different, really.”

Did you find you and your friends in these ads?

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