Hoss_TBF on his way to $1 million month

Matt Hawrilenko
Hawrilenko: Limitless talent.

He's the top Limit poker player in the world, and he plays at limits like $2k/$4k so you can can expect pretty big numbers.

But you still have to be playing well to make $500k+ in two weeks of min-bet poker.

Only 14 days into August and Matt "Hoss_TBF" Hawrilenko is well on his way to a million-dollar month based on Hold'em cash-game hands tracked by the PokerListings.com MarketPulse software.

Hoss's total profit so far this month is alrady $565,297, and all purely from Fixed-Limit Hold'em cash games at Full Tilt.

It's also enough to put him at the top of the online moneymakers list to this point in August, ahead of even the biggest No-Limit Hold'em and Pot-Limit Omaha winners including Steve "MrSmokey1" Billirakis, Gus Hansen and Isaac Haxton.

Below are the top 10 biggest online Hold'em cash-game winners and losers so far this month. As always check the complete online losses lists for the most updated stats.

Top 10 Online Moneymakers so far in August:

Rank Player Poker Room Total
1. Hoss_TBF Full Tilt $565,297
2. jimmie23 Full Tilt $535,253
3. PrtectYaNeck Full Tilt $306,520
4. luvtheWNBA Full Tilt $302,456
5. MrSmokey1 Full Tilt $264,653
6. Gus Hansen Full Tilt $188,237
7. EskaborReturns Full Tilt $166,774
8. Eric Liu Full Tilt $122,225
9. PTOWNER Absolute Poker $120,704
10. stevesbets Full Tilt $116,035

Top 10 Online Losses so far in August:

Rank Player Poker Room Total
1. David Benyamine Full Tilt (-$479,029)
2. OnTheRize Full Tilt (-$410,967)
3. FLIPokeHer Full Tilt (-$365,155)
4. theASHMAN103 Full Tilt (-$240,889)
5. charzard Full Tilt (-$101,126)
6. Brian Hastings Full Tilt (-$95,196)
7. Ziigmund Full Tilt (-$91,718)
8. TerrorofSweden Full Tilt (-$91,369)
9. Urindanger Full Tilt (-$90,999)
10. MUFAZZA Full Tilt (-$90,792)

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