Horseshoe WSOPC creating convoy of winners

As the World Series of Poker Circuit tournament at the Horseshoe Casino in Iowa continues its trek toward the big $5,000 championship event, it has crowned two truckers as the winners of its first two events.

Rafal Boduch, a 22-year-old truck driver from Elwood Park, Ill., was the big winner of the tournament's first event, $300 No-Limit Hold'em. He battled his way through a 531-person playing field to claim the $44,805 top prize and gold ring.

Boduch has only been playing poker for a year, mainly online, and this was his second live event. He plays nothing but tournaments with an aggressive style, and playing aggressive was his final-table strategy.

The Event 1 final-table results are as follows:

1stRafal Boduch$44,805
2nd Lee Gardner $23,639
3rd Khanh Nguyen $12,362
4th William Wagner $10,816
5th Fred Walker $9,271
6th Randy Stephenson $7,726
7th Kristopher Meek $6,181
8th Larry Christensen $4,636
9th Cesar Hernandez $3,090

Tuesday brought the start of the $500 No-Limit Hold'em event with 271 players, and by the end of the day Wednesday, another young truck driver was happy to haul away the top prize to his home state of Wisconsin.

William Drumm, 23, had taken a week off from truck driving to play in the WSOPC events. He's been playing poker online for two years and moved up to live, No-Limit cash games. The WSOPC is his first attempt at live tournament play.

Drumm pocketed $42,059 for his first-place finish and said he plans to take another week off now to play in more of the circuit events.

The Event 2 final table results are as follows:

1stWilliam Drumm$42,059
2nd William Lamb $23,133
3rd Tom Wentzel $11,829
4th Richard Klein $9,200
5th Kevin Ratliff $7,886
6th Clint Lilienthal $6,572
7th Brian Cole $5,257
8th Larry Davis $3,943
9th Bob Slezak $2,629 will also have live coverage of the championship event at the Horseshoe. You'll find live updates, reports, photos, interviews and more from the championship event in the Live Tournament Section.

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