Hollywood Poker girl to star in reality show

Hollywood Girls
Jennifer Korbin (left) is getting into reality TV.

Hollywood Poker celebrity model Jennifer Korbin is hitting the big time. The former Hollywood Poker calendar girl is set to star in Fox Reality's Solitary V3.0.

Solitary V3.0 is hailed by some as Fox Reality's most successful original series. The premise is simple: participants take part in a grueling competition, which sees players tested to the brink of psychological and physical collapse.

The redheaded Korbin will give up bathing, sleeping, makeup and even food in order to survive on the show. She will have to rely on sheer will, patience and endurance throughout her stint on Solitary V3.0.

"I think the most beneficial aspect of doing this show is the feeling I came away with when I was done and the things I realized about myself by being forced to be totally alone and overcoming challenges I never thought I could," Korbin said. "That was a really cool benefit."

When not toughing it out on reality shows, the former gymnast from Texas can be seen gracing the pages of the 2009 Hollywood Poker Calendar.

Like several other Hollywood Celebrities, Korbin can be found playing in the Hollywood Poker Celebrity Bounty Tournaments, which happen three days a week on the site. PokerListings players get a special bonus for signing up with Hollywood Poker. You can check it out here.

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