Hollywood Poker pits PL.com player against celeb

Big stacks are good

After battling his way through one of the special freerolls taking place in June, then taking on a table full of the other winners, one PokerListings.com player has won a chance to play heads-up against the celebrity of his choice at Hollywood Poker.

The winner of the final sit-and-go was martl089, and he will be taking on Yancey Arias on Saturday at 10 a.m. PT for an additional $500 prize.

To get to that point, martl089 first qualified to play in the exclusive freerolls running in June at Hollywood Poker for PokerListings.com players. They ran Saturdays at 1 p.m. ET June 7-28 for PokerListings players who made their first deposit at the poker site or existing players who earned 50 player points the week before the freeroll.

The top two finishers from each weekly event received a cash prize as well as entry to an exclusive eight-person sit-and-go tournament. The players who made it to the sit-and-go were:

  • luanita
  • Yukon_David
  • sweetho
  • putenerich
  • martl089
  • ThePrutt
  • tonyOmaha

Because luanita won twice, there were actually only seven players in the sit-and-go. luanita couldn't pull off another win though, and instead, martl089 took down the sit-and-go.

martl089 characterized the freeroll he played in as pretty much any other multi-table tourney. He said it may have been a little softer because some players were "away" and some of them were normally cash-game players, but there were still tough players to give him a fight.

He ended up in second place, but that was enough to get him to the sit-and-go.

"For the final sit-and-go, I didn't pursue a special strategy," martl089 said. "I played it like every other tourney - play for the victory and take it down!"

The other players had proved their abilities by making it to the sit-and-go through the freerolls as well, so martl089 said he didn't underestimate any of them going into the tournament.

"But since I am an experienced sit-and-go player, I was not afraid of anyone special," he said. "Because of this, I started out very confident."

His confident start turned into a strong finish as he picked up cowboys from the big blind on the final hand and got his opponent all-in for the win.

Next he will take on Yancey Arias. Arias is an actor whose next venture will see him on the small screen in the new Knight Rider series. His resume also includes appearances on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami, NYPD Blue, Kingpin and more.

"The reason for choosing Yancey Arias was that he seems to be a very nice guy. Every time we see him at the tables he is very kind to all players and chats a lot," martl089 said.

"From playing with him I know that he is a very tough opponent, but that does not scare me off, since the main reason for me to play poker is fun."

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