Hollink and Schneider headline Friday's FTOPS

Rob Hollink

Close to three thousand players came out for Full Tilt's FTOPS VIII on Friday, with big fields competing in both of the No-Limit Hold'em events.

Event 19 - $200+$16 NL Hold'em hosted by Rob Hollink

A total of 1,994 players logged on in this event to compete for a prize pool of $350,000. Three out of the 306 players to make the money were Full Tilt pros, with Aaron Bartley going deepest to finish in 24th for just under $1,600.

Online player Pot Odds 3 defeat edub707 to take the first-place prize of $73,379 and a shiny gold avatar. Edub's second-place finish has moved him into eighth place in the leaderboard standings, just one point behind seventh, and 88 behind first.

Here are the full final-table results:

Place Player ID Prize
1 Pot Odds 3 $73,379.20
2 edub707 $45,064.40
3 twix100 $29,511.20
4 Ayodeji13 $23,529.20
5 danielk86 $17,946.00
6 Astrabuddel $12,841.36
7 yrmnyitake $9,371.80
8 Amigo_xxx $7,377.80
9 hunwei $5,583.20

Event 20 - $200+$16 Limit Hold'em Six-Max hosted by Mike Schneider

For this event, 915 players were seated to compete for their share of a $200,000 prize pool. No Full Tilt pros managed to make the money in this event, leaving the full prize pool for the so-called amateurs.

The final table played out like this:

Place Player ID Prize
1 mypokerlife $41,700
2 WinHumble $27,800
3 vetiver $19,800
4 ChosenKid $14,800
5 th_IN_kB4Urail $10,600
6 mischiefofmagic $6,800

Mischiefofmagic's sixth-place finish moved him up to seventh on the leaderboard, one point ahead of the aforementioned Edub707.

Perhaps the most anticipated event in the full tilt FTOPS VIII, the $2,500 buy-in NL, two-day event, begins with Day 1 tonight. The guaranteed prize pool of $1.5 million almost guarantees all of the pros, with names both red and black, will be coming out to play.

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