Holden back on the poker circuit - now an even Bigger Deal

How's life as a professional poker player today? Anthony Holden, author of the 1990 best-selling poker classic Big Deal, reports what the poker scene has become in his new sequel, Bigger Deal.

From the 2005 WSOP to the 2006 event, multi-talented British author Anthony Holden repeated his adventure of more than 15 years earlier: He took to the international tournament poker circuit to live as a poker pro for a year.

Since his first book on the subject, Big Deal, a lot has changed in the poker world. For instance, between 1988 and 2006 the WSOP Main Event grew from 167 entries to more than 8,000, and Internet and televised poker exploded, transforming the game into one of the most popular on the global arena. Yes, poker certainly is a bigger deal than ever.

Holden, himself almost twenty years older, finds poker tables full of young, mathematical minds and cyberspace whizzes; WSOP hallways lined with "big-breasted sirens ready to have their picture taken with any poor sap"; and electronic poker tables with no dealer, no chips and not even any cards.

Bigger Deal is the reckoning of a critical and passionate mind with its most beloved pastime - or profession. It's also a smoking hot report from today's poker scene, touching upon all the well-known places and faces of the WSOP, WPT and EPT.

Bigger Deal appears on the shelves well-timed before the much anticipated 2007 WSOP.

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