Hold'em if you got'em for free college tuition

The second-ever Canadian College Poker Championship is off and rolling with 24 free online qualifiers set to lead the best young Texas Hold'em minds in the country to a final showdown for free tuition in May.

Here's how it goes: As of Feb. 11, every Wednesday and Sunday at 8 p.m. there will be a free Texas Hold'em tourney at GNUF.com, with any Canadian college student eligible to play.

The top three finishers from each qualifier (72 in total) will advance to the online final, played the first week of May.

Those 72 battle it out until there's one young he or she standing, claiming the title of "The Greatest Canadian College Poker Player for 2007."

Also, they'll have the pesky matter of that school year's tuition taken care of, up to $9,000 CAD.

All participants have to be is enrolled as a post-secondary student for any period of the 2006-2007 academic year, and any student over 18 qualifies: full-time or part-time, graduate or undergraduate.

To play, you must register with co-sponsor LifeOfSports.com, then register with GNUF to access the poker software.

For more information, visit www.lifeofsports.com/ccpc.

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