hockeystud94 scores at PokerStars Sunday Million

Barry Greenstein
Barry Greenstein won the Sunday PokerStars High Stakes Showdown.

It was another action-packed Sunday on

hockeystud94 was the big winner of the day taking down the Sunday Million for a first-place prize of $166,000 while thechemist83, jogu68 and PokerStars' own Barry Greenstein also won considerable amounts of cash.

Ironically Hockeystud94 was from the U.S. while his closest competition, Dunk_17, was from Canada. Dunk_17 was happy to walk away with $116,516 after a two-way deal.

jogu68, of Sweden, won the PokerStars Sunday Hundred Grand although there was a six-way deal so jogu68 only took home $11,311.

thechemist83 didn't have to put up with any sort of deals in the PokerStars Sunday Warm Up. thechemist83 was the uncontested first-place finisher winning $79,853.

Finally in the PokerStars High Stakes Showdown Barry Greenstein (brrgy1) finished with $25,000 while UGOTPZD left with $15,000.

Here are the complete results of another momentous day of online poker:

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up

1. thechemist83 (United States) $79,853.40
2. nederen_dk (Denmark) $40,293.00
3. coxquinn (United States) $28,652.80
4. BananasJoe (Sweden) $23,199.00
5. ch0ppy (Canada) $18,192.90
6. mossified84 (United States) $13,715.90
7. Jon9ball (United Kingdom) $9,645.90
8. TotallyWired (United Kingdom) $5,982.90
9. sonelk!!! (United States) $3,581.60

PokerStars Sunday Hundred Grand
Based on finishing order and six-way deal

1. jogu68 (Sweden) $11,311.78
2. bbdoll23 (United States) $9,204.57
3. robfoot (Canada) $6,558.39
4. deznuts (United States) $5,153.82
5. calidris (Sweden) $6,925.23
6. Teh_Miser~ (United States) $3,989.92
7. cocnhai (Canada) $1,468.73
8. $wanswan (Ireland) $1,193.34
9. chribrain (Italy) $917.96

PokerStars High Stakes Showdown

1. barrgy1 (United States) $25,000.00
2. UGOTPZD (United States) $15,000.00

PokerStars Sunday Million
Based on finishing order and two-way deal

1. hockeystud94 (United States) $166,000.00
2. Dunk_17 (Canada) $116,516.66
3. wwwBTHEREcom (United States) $69,628.02
4. SevenToes (United States) $54,255.60
5. ArbahChamesh (United States) $41,466.78
6. jeanette_33 (Norway )$29,711.40
7. ZillaalliZ1 (United States) $21,314.70
8. PrtyPsux (United States) $12,918.00
9. sharp (France) $8,009.16

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