High-Stakes Report: Russians Roll, Sahamies Reborn

Ilari Sahamies
Hasn't forgotten his PLO.

It was an impressive week for the Russians last week as three players made the list of the Top 5 earners.

Unsurprisingly, Alexander Kostritsyn was one of them as he carried on his great play from 2014.

Meanwhile “Trueteller,” considered a poker genius by his peers, has begin to deliver on that promise while Finn Ilari Sahamies, one of the most popular players ever, has the itch again.

The RugDoctor on the other hand, thought to be former PokerStars pro David Williams, may have ended his appearance on the high-stakes stage on a low note.

Kostritsyn Usurps EireAbu

Alexander Kostritsyn
Kostritsyn rolling in 2015.

With a profit of $3.5m in 2014 Alexander Kostritsyn was the most successful player of last year. The Mixed-Game tables in particular proved to be an ideal playing ground for the Russian.

Early 2015 shows Kostritsyn didn’t just get lucky. Only 2.5 weeks into the year he’s already back at the top. Interestingly, he’s transitioning from Full Tilt to PokerStars, playing more and more often as joiso.

This is where he met up with EireAbu, another of the most successful high rollers in 2014. Both players brought big bankrolls to the tables and battled for hours at heads-up $1k/$2k Triple Draw.

By the end more than $220k was added to Kostritsyn's bankroll, putting him back in first spot for 2015.

Sahamies Comeback

While it seems Viktor Blom and Phil Ivey don’t have what it takes to dominate the nosebleed limits anymore a true poker legend that used to do the same might have begun a comeback last week.

Ilari Sahamies, now 31, has kept a very low profile for several years. Since the beginning of this year, however, Ziigmund’s fingers seem to tingle again. And he hasn’t forgotten anything when it comes to Pot Limit Omaha.

One long session he played with AckmaJin, Kostritsyn, Blom and November Niner Jorryt theCleaner11 van Hoof ended with Sahamies claiming $250k, mostly from van Hoof.

David Williams
High-stakes foray done?

Blom Takes Revenge on RugDoctor

The biggest surprise last week was the Rug Doctor account, said to be David Williams. He’s inexperienced in online cash games but he still managed to take $300k from online legend Viktor Blom.

But the upswing of the former WSOP main event runner-up didn’t last very long. When they met again at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables Blom got $260k of his losses back and re-established the former hierarchy.

Williams may have ended his little venture into the high-stakes world but it was still a successful one.

On the other side of the spectrum things are looking up for Russian high-stakes regular Trueteller. Last week he moved his action from PokerStars to FullTilt and made a big profit in 8-Game heads-up against CoeJassidy.

Later Cort Kibler-Melby also took at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables moving Trueteller even further up the weekly rankings.

Biggest Pot of the Week

Omnipresent Trueteller was involved in the largest hand last week. He was playing heads-up against the unidentified player CoeJassidy. The game was PLO and the limits were high: $300/$600.

Both players made it clear pre-flop that they were holding strong hands. Trueteller raised to $1,800, CoeJassidy re-raised to $5,400 and Trueteller put in a 4-bet to $16,000 before the two combatants even saw a flop. It came


It couldn’t have gone any better for Trueteller but CoeJassidy had no idea yet. The mystery player even took the lead and bet $4k. Trueteller flat called. The turn was the


And now CoeJassidy went for it. He moved his last $35k over the line. Bad decision for Coejassidy, easy call for Trueteller, as the showdown would prove. The river was dealt twice.

Board 1:  

Board 2:  

Hole cards:



Trueteller flopped the world with the nuts full house and none of the following cards caused him any trouble. $110k was added to the Russian player’s bankroll.

Biggest Winners of the Week

Ilari Sahamies
Sahamies looms large in PLO.

  • Alexander joiso Kostritsyn(PS), $+497,982
  • Trueteller (FT): $+486,503
  • Ilari Ilari_FIN Sahamies (PS): $+315,522
  • asianflushie (PS): $+200,219
  • Vladimir GVOZDIKA55 Shemelev (PS): $+190,545

Biggest Losers of the Week

  • David RugDoctor Williams (PS): $-289,906
  • Cort thecortster Kibler-Melby (FT): $-267,296
  • CoeJassidy (FT): $-255,450
  • Trueteller (PS): $-213,795
  • EireAbu (PS): $-196,499

Biggest Winners in 2015

  • Alexander joiso Kostritsyn (PS): $+640,115
  • Trueteller (FT): $+486,503
  • Ben Sauce123 Sulsky(PS): $+312,105
  • Ilari Ilari_FIN Sahamies (PS): $+258,247
  • EireAbu(PS): $+248,739

Biggest Losers in 2015

  • CoeJassidy (FT): $-255,450
  • Viktor Isildur1 Blom (PS): $-232,738
  • Cort thecortster Kibler-Melby (FT): $-221,111
  • Ola Odd_Oddsen Amundsgard (PS): $-208,990
  • Sebastian taktloss47 Ruthenberg (PS): $-204,260

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