High-Stakes Report: Isaac Haxton, Mikael Thuritz Fill Summer Void

Isaac Haxton
Isaac Haxton makes some quick summer cash.

The WSOP main event is drawing to a close and, as summer hits its peak, the number of online high-stakes players is shrinking, too.

The ones who are still there: Viktor Blom (no surprise), his Swedish counterpart Denoking, and the recently very active (and succcesful) Mikael “punting-peddler” Thuritz.

But it was American player and Team PokerStars Online pro Isaac Haxton who made the biggest profit last week.

Sweden vs. Sweden

Mikael Thuritz
Can't stop won't stop punting-peddler

Scandinavian winters are long and hard.

That’s why inhabitants spend a lot of time in front of their computers, which gives them an advantage when it comes to gaming in general and poker in particular.

As it’s summer now even the men from the North should be outside and on holiday, but at least Viktor Blom and Mikael Thuritz prefer nosebleeds to vacations.

After friend of Blom's, “Denoking," accompanied him on his journey through the high-stakes world in June Thuritz now seems to have taken his place.

But whereas “Denoking” never crosses swords with a friend the “punting-peddler” challenged “Isildur1” several times and rarely with positive results.

Still, Thuritz made a lot of money in sessions against other players. So much money, in fact, that both Swedes ended their week with a six-figure profit.

Winner of the Week: Isaac Haxton

Isaac Haxton is 27 years old, holds a degree in computer science and is part of Team PokerStars Online. He's also a feared NHLE heads-up player.

Due to lack of competition, however, he had to turn to other games last week.

In what was one of the most action-packed sessions Haxton met unknown player “n0d1ceb4by” at $50/$100 and $100/$200 PLO. It took less than five hours for Haxton to take $150k from his opponent.

Biggest Hand of the Week

Neither Haxton nor “Denoking” had anything to do with the largest pot that was played last week, which is surprising regarding “Denoking” as he had played most of the record pots in the recent past.

Rather, Viktor Blom and Mikael Thuritz met at a $300/$600 NLHE heads-up table and the action started before the flop as you would expect.

Thuritz raised to $1,200 and Blom 3-bet to $4k. The flop came down


Blom took the lead with a careful bet of $5k. But when “punting-peddler” raised it up to $11k, both players went into full-speed-ahead mode.

Isildur went all-in with $50k and Thuritz made the call.

Turn and river were dealt twice. This is what they looked like:



And these were the hands at showdown:



Both players were drawing to the flush but Blom also had bottom pair. Thuritz managed to hit his eight in the first draw and the flush didn’t hit, so they split the pot. There was $133k in the middle.

Blom quietly brings in $130k.

Biggest Winners of the Week

  • Ike Haxton: $+156,966
  • Viktor Isildur1 Blom: $+131,714
  • Mikael punting-peddler Thuritz: $+122,714
  • WithColor: $+53,218
  • ChaoRen160: $+46,922

Biggest Losers of the Week

  • CrazyElior: $-111,021
  • miserd00d: $-15,000
  • DEWANI: $-13,932
  • bumbum361: $-11,873
  • Ziigmund: $-11,488

Biggest Winners in 2014

  • Alexander PostflopAction Kostritsyn: $+1,652,066
  • Niklas Ragen70 Heinecker: $+1,463,133
  • Dan jungleman12 Cates: $+1,355,295
  • Cort thecortster Kibler-Melby: $+1,203,128
  • Denoking: $+1,199,312

Biggest Losers in 2014

  • Gus Hansen: $-3,545,491
  • Chun samrostan Lei Zhou: $-2,890,245
  • Phil Polarizing Ivey: $-1,815,817
  • SanIker: $-1,726,858
  • Viktor Isildur1 Blom: $-1,181,824
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