High-stakes action finally slows in November

Patrik Antonius

After two record-breaking months for high-stakes online poker, it was just business as usual during November.

Of course, business as usual for Patrik Antonius is winning a $606,177 pot against fellow Finn Sami "LarzLuzak" Kelopuro.

It was an epic hand which saw both players bet heavily down a board of 8 5 3 A 8. Then Antonius shoved all-in for Kelopuro's last $176,000 on the river. Kelopuro called, only to have the former model show 8 8 for a crushing quad eights.

Antonius definitely had a good month, but when it came to Hold'em no one was better than Scott "mastrblastr" Seiver, who is rumored to have pocketed more than $1 million at the tables in November.

A large portion of Seiver's winnings came directly from a session at GusHeaven against hyperaggressive Finnish player Illari "Ziigmund" Sahamies.

In the biggest hand of the session Seiver bet $2,500 pre-flop and Sahamies popped it up to $10,500. Seiver made the call and both players saw a flop of K 4 3. Ziigmund bet and soon enough both players had all the money in the middle.

Sahamies showed A K for a very respectable top pair, top kicker, but Seiver held 3-3 for the set. After the turn and the river bricked out, Seiver was shipped a $458,998 pot, much to the chagrin of Sahamies.

Some of the other players to drag gigantic pots in the month of November were Tom "durrrr" Dwan, Phil Ivey and the aforementioned Sahamies.

In the loser's category, John Juanda seems to be down a massive amount in November, although he's got a long way to go before he puts a dent in the amount of cash he received for winning the WSOPE Main Event and getting heads-up at the EPT High Rollers event.

Here are the top nine biggest pot winners of November:

Patrik Antonius $606,177
mastrblastr $458,998
mastrblastr $458,079
durrrr $428,151
Ozzy 87 $367,069
Phil Ivey $361,000
Phil Ivey $344,319
Ziigmund $317,816
durrrr $315,171

Online Poker Traffic Report

As far as online traffic for the most popular poker rooms goes, it was PokerStars.com who saw the largest increase in their average amount of cash game traffic per hour. They were up approximately 14% compared to September, whereas most of the other rooms were up as well, but by a smaller margin.

PartyPoker was the second busiest with a 9% gain on the previous month, while Full Tilt Poker only gained about 2%.

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