High Profile Matchups Abound in WSOP $5k Shootout

Barry Greenstein
"The table of death is actually the table of recognition."

With the $5k No-Limit Hold’em Shootout playing down to six tables this evening, there has been much talk on the tournament floor regarding the overall strength of the field and the wicked table draws that can come about as a result.

PokerListings deemed one particularly formidable table the "table of death" as Kathy Liebert, Mark Seif, Chris Ferguson, Barry Shulman and Eric Lingren all found themselves vying for one spot in the next round.

Some of the sick action we've seen at the table of death has included Seif running his trips into a larger set, while Ferguson has managed to win two giant pots with aces.

"You're not the only ones to call it the table of death," Liebert told PL.com. "What do I think about sitting at the table of death? I think it's time to get lucky." Liebert returned from break facing a sizeable deficit and chip advantage held by Ferguson.

The true difficulty of a table may not always be as it appears.

"There are lots of great young unknown players," said Barry Greenstein. "The table of death is actually the table of recognition; it might not actually be the most difficult."

Still, Greenstein is not underestimating the competition. "This will probably be the third toughest no limit tournament in the World Series," said Greenstein. "I think the second toughest will be the $25,000 six-handed and then the heads up will probably be the toughest."

World Poker Tour announcer Mike Sexton is no stranger to tough fields and said this is as impressive as any he's seen.

"It's a great field and a great format," Sexton said of the shootout as he wandered through the tables. "I'd love to be playing but I have to go back to L.A. tonight."

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