Henry Tran wins Johnny Chan Poker Classic

Johnny Chan

Henry Tran took home the First Annual Johnny Chan Poker Classic. He defeated Joe Corbett heads-up and walked away with $325,000 in prize money.

When the final battle for the title began Henry Tran sat with $5 million in his stack while Joe Corbett had $3 million.

Tran's experience paid off in the heads-up match, and it didn't take very long before Corbett was all-in and in very bad shape.

In the final hand of the tournament, Tran dominated Corbett with K-8 against K-6. No help came for Corbett and Henry Tran had won the First Annual Johnny Chan Poker Classic.

Tran received $325,000 for his victory. Runner-up Corbett had to settle for $200,000.

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