Hellmuth-Watch 2015: Phil Hellmuth Goes for Bracelet #14

Phil Hellmuth 2015Razz
Will Phil Hellmuth get his 14th today?

Phil Hellmuth has made another World Series of Poker final table and is chasing his fourteenth bracelet.

The event is the $10,000 Razz championship. 

It's a promising event for Hellmuth since his only non-Hold'em bracelet came from a Razz event. 

Hellmuth won the $2,500 Razz event in 2012 and finished 2nd in the $1,500 Razz last year. Now Hellmuth has the lead going into the $10k Razz final table. 

It won't be an easy road for Hellmuth as he's facing a stacked final table, including the 2014 $10K Razz runner-up, Brandon Shack-Harris

Aside from Shack-Harris, Hellmuth's 53rd WSOP final table will consist of: 

Seat 1: Jryi Merivirta 
Seat 2: Mike Gorodinsky
Seat 3: Stephen Chidwick
Seat 4: Adam Owen 
Seat 5: Thomas Keller
Seat 6: Mike Leah
Seat 7: Brandon Shack-Harris 
Seat 8: Phil Hellmuth

2015 $10K WSOP Razz FT

12:00am - Hellmuth Wins 

Phil Hellmuth has defeated Mike Gorodinsky to win the $10,000 Razz Championship and his 14th WSOP bracelet.

After Gorodinsky held a slight lead, Hellmuth took it back and never let go.

Hellmuth: (X)(X)/9x-2x-8x-3x
Gorodinsky: (X)(X)/4x-Qx-9x-Kx

Phil Hellmuth
Hellmuth's reaction to winning #14

Hellmuth bet on fourth, fifth and sixth street but Gorodinsky couldn't pay on sixth.

Hellmuth took back the lead with 1.9 million while Gorodinsky dropped to 1.1 million.

Then Hellmuth took another big chunk off of Gorodinsky.

Hellmuth: (X)(X)/6x-Qx-9x-2x
Gorodinsky: (X)(X)/7x-7x-Ax-Qx

Both players check on fourth street and then Hellmuth check-raises to 240,000 on fifth. Gorodinsky called and then called another bet on sixth.

Hellmuth bet again on the river but it was too much for Gorodinsky. Gorodinsky folded and Hellmuth flashed Ax-4x-3x for 6-4-3-2-A.

Gorodinsky was down to 455,000 while Hellmuth was up to 2.65 million. 

Gorodinsky managed to double up a few times but he never regained the lead. Hellmuth kept chipping away at him after every double and eventually ended the tournament.

Hellmuth: (7x)(6x)/4x-Kx-10x-2x/(Ax)
Gorodinsky: (10x)(2x)/5x-4x-10x-Qx/(6x)

All of Gorodinsky's chips went in on fourth street and he was drawing for his tournament life. Hellmuth made the ten on sixth street and when he turned over the Ax on the river, Gorodnisky was drawing dead.

Gorodinsky won $167,517 for finishing 2nd while Hellmuth won his 14th WSOP bracelet and $271,105.

11:10pm - Back to Gorodinsky

The tables turn again.

DSC 0032
Back and forth

After losing a series of pots to Phil HellmuthMike Gorodinsky started fighting back and winning.

After taking down a few small pots, Gorodinsky took down a big one.

Gorodinsky: (X)(X)/8x-7x-8x-Ax/(X)
Hellmuth: (X)(X)/Ax-7x-7x-10x/(X)

Hellmuth called a bet an fourth, fifth and sixth and then checked again on the river.

Gorodinsky put out a final bet and Hellmuth called with 10-7-3-2-A while Gorodinsky took down the pot with 8-7-4-2-A.

The hand put Gorodinsky back up to 1.4 million while Hellmuth was at 1.6 million.

Then Gorodinsky took back the lead. 

With (X)(X)/7x-10x-10x-Jx, Hellmuth bet on fourth street. Gorodinsky called with (X)(X)/7x-Qx-9x-3x and then bet on fifth.

Hellmuth called but then folded when Gorodinsky bet again on sixth. 

This put Gorodinsky up to 1.7 million while Hellmuth dropped to 1.3 million.

10:30pm - Hellmuth Takes it Back

Mike Gorodinsky started the heads-up match with the lead but after a few back-and-forths, Hellmuth started to pull away. 

Mike Gorodinsky
Mike Gorodinsky

Hellmuth: (X)(X)/2x-10x-10x-9x/(X)
Gorodinsky: (X)(X)/4x-9x-2x-9x/(X)

Limits were 50,000/100,000 and Hellmuth completed on third while Gorodinsky called. 

Gorodinsky bet on fourth and Hellmuth raised to 100,000. Gorodinsky called and then bet bet again on fifth. Hellmuth called and then bet on sixth. 

Gorodinsky called and then called another 100,00 bet on the river.

Hellmuth turned over a 9-7-5-3-2 and Gorodinsky mucked. The hand put Hellmuth up to 1.99 million while Gorodinsky dipped to 1.08 million.

Hellmuth then took a few more pots.

Hellmuth: (X)(X)/4x-3x-10x-9x/(X)
Gorodinsky: (X)(X)/4x-3x-10x-Qx/(X)

Gorodnisky called Hellmuth's completion on third and called another bet on fourth. Both players checked fifth and Hellmuth bet again on sixth.

Both players checked the river and Hellmuth took down the pot after he showed 9x-7x-4x.

Gorodinsky dipped to about 650,000 while Hellmuth's lead grew to 2.43 million.

9:00pm - Heads Up, Gorodinsky Takes the Lead

Mike Gorodinsky took the chip lead off Phil Hellmuth, knocked out another player and brought the tournament heads-up.

First, Gorodinsky bet Hellmuth out of his (X)(X)7x-4x-3x-Ax on sixth street.

DSC 0017
Adam Owen

Gorodinsky had (X)(X)7x-6x-Kx-5x and chipped up to 1.6 million after the pot while Hellmuth dipped to 1.3 million.

Then Gorodinsky took out Adam Owen.

Gorodinsky: (X)(X)/3x-Kx-Ax-3x/(X)
Owen: (X)(X)/Qx-6x-9x-Kx/(X)

Gorodinsky completed and Owen called. Owen bet on fourth and then called Gorodinsky's bet on fifth. 

Owen called another bet on sixth and then called all-in on the river. Owen showed 9-8-6-5-4 but Gorodinsky had him beat with 8-7-3-2-A. 

Gorodinsky's lead increased to 1.9 million while Owen won $104,914 for finishing third.

The final two players are now on a one-hour dinner break.

Mike Gorodinsky - 1,966,000
Phil Hellmuth - 1,100,000

Phil Hellmuth
Only one opponent stands between Phil Hellmuth and bracelet #14

8:30pm - Hellmuth Soars, Keller and Leah Bust

Phil Hellmuth is happy, he has a chip lead and is three-handed for another bracelet.

There haven't been many stereotypical Poker Brat outbursts since things have been going Hellmuth's way since the start of the final table.

DSC 0082
Thomas Keller

After Merivirta's elimination, Hellmuth was up 1.5 million while his opponents' stacks weren't close to seven-figures. 

But while Hellmuth was sitting happily atop the chip counts, Mike Gorodinsky started catching up after eliminating a few players.

Now Gorodinsky is on Hellmuth's heels.

The first to fall to Gorodnisky was Thomas Keller. Keller, Hellmuth and Gorodinsky were involved in a three-way pot but Keller three-bet Hellmuth out of it on fourth street. 

Gorodinsky then bet on fifth showing (X)(X)/6x-8x-Ax while Keller had (X)(X)/Ax-4x-9x. 

Keller folded and was left with slightly less than two big bets.

They went in on the next hand and Keller hit the rail.

Keller: (10x)(7x)/4x-Qx-10x-8x/(2x)
Gorodinsky: (Ax)(9x)/Jx-5x-7x-6x/(2x)

Keller won $59,370 for finishing 5th and then Mike Leah hit the rail soon after.

A short-stacked Leah completed with a 7x and Gorodinsky raised. Leah re-raised all-in and Gorodinsky called. 

Leah: (10x)(4x)/7x-Kx-4x-6x/(3x)
Gorodinsky: (8x)(4x)/Ax-6x-2x-8x/(Jx)

Leah's 10-7 was no match for Gordinsky's 8-6 and Leah won $75,964 for the 4th place finish.

7:50pm - Leah Doubles, Merivitra Busts

After taking a beating from Hellmuth, Mike Leah caught a break.

Leah: (Ax)(2x)/3x-4x-6x-5x/(5x)
Merivirta: (2x)(4x)/6x-9x-Ax-Jx/(X)

Leah, Jyri Merivirta and Mike Gorodinsky called on third street and Leah bet on fourth. Gorodinsky folded and Merivirta called.

Leah bet again on fifth and Merivirta raised. Leah re-raised all-in and Merivirta called.

Leah hit a five on sixth street for a smooth 5-4-3-2-A and a double up. Leah doubled to 476,000 while Merivirta was left with just 30,000.

Merivirta then hit the rail soon after when he hit (Jx)(10x)/2x-3x-Jx-Jx to Thomas Keller's 9-7-6-2-A.

The tournament shrunk again and Merivirta won $47,344 for finishing in 6th place.

7:10pm - Up and Down and Up for Hellmuth

Leah: (X)(X)/7x-4x-4x
Hellmuth: (Ax)(2x)/7x-9x-6x

Limits were up to 30,000/60,000 and Hellmuth raised after Leah completed. 

Mike Leah
Mike Leah

Hellmuth called Leah's bet on fourth and then led out in fifth. Leah then folded and was left with about 320,000 while Hellmuth rose to 840,000.

A few hands later, Hellmuth and Thomas Keller were involved in a pot and Keller bet Hellmuth out of it on sixth straight.

Keller was showing (X)(X)/6x-6x-7x-Ax while Hellmuth had (X)(X)/Ax-Ax-Jx-2x.

After Hellmuth folded, Keller showed Ax-10x and Hellmuth jumped up from the table. He rambled for a bit and then came back chewing his glasses in frustration.

Hellmuth was a bit cheerier after the next hand though.

Hellmuth (X)(X)/3x-Kx-2x-Jx/(X)
Leah: (X)(X)/6x-Qx-9x-Ax/(X)

The betting was tame at first, Hellmuth completed on third street and Leah called. Both players checked fourth and then Hellmuth bet 60,000 on fifth. 

Leah checked again on the river and Hellmuth put out a final bet. Leah called but then mucked when Hellmuth tabled Ax-5x-4x for the stone-cold Razz nuts.

Leah dropped to 215,000 while Hellmuth's lead grew to 910,000.

6:30pm - Hellmuth Leads at Break

It's been a relatively tame level for Hellmuth, who was chomping on some All-American Dave food during the level, but the Poker Brat is still in the lead. 

The 13-time bracelet winner won a big pot against Mike Gorodinsky but then gave some chips back to him a few hands later. 

Gorodinsky rose to 2nd in chips while Jryi Merivirta became the short stack with about 200,000. 

At the time of the break, the counts according to WSOP.com were:

Seat 1: Jryi Merivirta - 201,000
Seat 2: Mike Gorodinsky - 632,000
Seat 4: Adam Owen - 485,000
Seat 5: Thomas Keller - 552,000
Seat 6: Mike Leah - 470,000
Seat 8: Phil Hellmuth - 751,000

5:35pm - Keller Takes Out Chidwick, Hellmuth on Top

Stephen Chidwick
7th place finisher Stephen Chidwick

Stephen Chidwick followed Shack-Harris on the rail shortly after.

Keller: (7x)(5x)/Ax-9x-Kx-8x/(2x)
Chidwick: (Ax)(3x)/2x-2x-Qx-3x/(Ax)

Thomas Keller completed and Chidwick raised to 40,000 on third street. 

On fourth, Chidwick called Keller's bet and did the same on fifth. 

This left Chidwick with just about 16,000 and he called all-in on sixth street after Keller bet again.

Keller then hit an 8-5-7-2-A while Chidwick hit the rail. Keller chipped up to 480,000 while Chidwick won $38,447 for finishing 7th.

Hellmuth on the other hand continues to chip up. 

After Chidwick's elimination, Hellmuth bet Jyri Merivirta all the way to sixth street and Merivirta eventually folded. The hand extended Hellmuth's lead to about 725,000 while Merivirta dipped to 365,000.

5:00pm - Shack-Harris Hacked

Brandon Shack-Harris was the last person to be eliminated at last year's final table but was the first to go today.

With 20,000/40,000 limits, Shack-Harris was short-stacked with just about 130,000 and got it all-in against Mike Gorodinsky.

Shack-Harris completed on third street and then got all his chips in on fourth. At the end, their hands read:

Shack-Harris: (6x)(4x)/5x-2x-7x-6x/(10x)
Gorodinsky: (7x)(5x)/Ax-4x-9x-8x/(3x)

Gorodinsky hit a 7-5-4-3-A on the river while Shack-Harris was left with a 7-6-5-4-2. Gorodinsky chipped up to 630,000 while Shack-Harris $31,727 for finishing 8th.

Brandon Shack-Harris
8th place finisher Brandon Shack-Harris

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