Hellmuth shills for poker energy drink

Phil Hellmuth

Nothing works up a thirst like sitting. To beat the parch, one of poker's most practiced "athletes," Phil Hellmuth, is lending his name to Pro Player, an endurance drink designed to sharpen mental focus at the felt.

Hellmuth announced his endorsement of the beverage, which is being marketed to online and live tournament players who need a hand staying alert for the lengthy events, in a release Friday.

The Red Bull-esque Pro Player Endurance Formula drink, says its maker, was scientifically developed to help poker players maintain focus and stay sharp.

So far it seems to be working its magic on Hellmuth, who says in the release, "With Pro Player, I can almost taste my 11th WSOP bracelet."

There hasn't, however, been any indication of whether the beverage had the same impact on Doyle Brunson or Johnny Chan.

"Pro Player is proud to be aligned with what we consider to be the finest, most successful poker player in the history of the game," said Darin Ezra, CEO of Power Brands, which engineered the brew. "Not only does Phil Hellmuth bring his impeccable record to bear, but also a personality that is second to none in the sport today."

Also second to none: Hellmuth's excitement for Pro Player, which he says is refreshing and can change the way you feel during a long poker session.

"Other drinks pump you up for an hour or two and then bring you down a short time later," said the Poker Brat. "Pro Player pumps me up for several hours without the crash and burn, allowing me to stay focused on taking out players. It also tastes great."

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