Hellmuth Cruising, Down to Four in WSOPE Main Event

Phil Hellmuth
Phil Hellmuth

Poker superstar Phil Hellmuth is on the verge of winning his 13th WSOP bracelet at the World Series of Poker Europe in Cannes, France.

Hellmuth has amassed 5.4 million chips and is the chip leader with four players remaining.

Due to filming reasons the final table went on break at 6:00 p.m. CET and will be delayed until 9:45 p.m. CET.

The final four includes Ukrainian Baranov, former November Niner Joseph Cheong and last Frenchman standing Stephane Albertini.

The talkative Baranov, who’s been a bit of a revelation in this tournament, is second in chips with 3.7 million.

Cheong, who has a record of late stage blowups, is holding strong with 2.1 million chips. Albertini is the short stack with 1.2 million.

Hellmuth has been running well and already hit two straights and flopped a set of fives to augment his stack.

Jason Mercier
Jason Mercier busted in eighth.

Mercier First to Go, Brammer Out in Fifth

World-class poker pro Jason Mercier, who actually finished fourth in the 2009 WSOPE Main Event, was the first player to bust as he shoved AQ into Baranov’s AK.

The PokerStars pro capped an exceptional 2012 WSOPE with an €84,672 cash.

French players Stephane Girault and Paul Tedeschi followed Mercier to the rail in seventh and sixth respectively.

Girault picked up €108,864 for his efforts while Tedeschi earned €149,184. No French player has ever won the WSOPE Main Event.

Meanwhile the U.K. cheering contingent was very sad to see Chris Brammer hit the rail. Brammer lost a huge pot to Albertini and then got his crippled stack in the middle with K-T to Baranov’s A-J.

Action in the Main Event will resume at 9:45 p.m. CET.

Here are the latest chip counts at the break:

  • Phil Hellmuth - 5,480,000
  • Sergii Baranov - 3,755,000
  • Joe Cheong - 2,105,000
  • Stephane Albertini - 1,260,000
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