Heads will roll at CryptoLogic poker rooms

InterPoker.com Extreme Poker Event #3
InterPoker.com is on the CryptoLogic network

The satisfaction of knocking a fellow player out of a tournament is now accompanied by a cash reward at poker rooms on the CryptoLogic network.

Rooms such as InterPoker.com and William Hill Poker are part of the software developer's Headhunter Challenge, where players earn money for every person they eliminate on top of their potential prize money.

The multi-table tournament assigns a portion of each buy-in - usually about 50% - to players' heads. The more competitors a player knocks off the felt, the more cash he wins. There is a downside, however: as the player's bankroll increases with each bust he orchestrates, so to does the bounty on his head.

CryptoLogic sites also offer the Bounty Tournament, which sticks a price on the head of any pro players, celebrities or leaderboard regulars competing at the poker room.

The network has launched a Headhunter Challenge Web site to complement the promotion. The site features an all-time leaderboard and shows all-time kills.

"CryptoLogic continues to blaze the Internet poker trail with software that gives players more entertainment, more information and more innovation," said CryptoLogic CEO Javaid Aziz in a news release. "The Headhunter Challenge tournament is an industry first and should be a major marketing draw for our customers.



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