Haxton Edges Isildur1 in Epic Showdown Rematch

Isaac Haxton
Isaac Haxton

It took an extra couple of days to finish this time, but Isaac Haxton has knocked off Viktor "Isiludr1" Blom once again in an epic Superstar Showdown.

The two No-Limit Hold'em heads-up heavyweights squared off for the 2,500-hand match on Sunday only to have it end prematurely after about 700 hands due to a massive storm on Malta that knocked out Haxton's internet connection.

Picking up the action Tuesday with Blom ahead 100k, things didn’t look good for Haxton to recreate his win in the first-ever Superstar Showdown back in 2010.

Blom stretched his lead to 130k by the 1,000-hand mark and was up around 120k at the halfway mark before Haxton made his move.

Picking off bluff after bluff over the next few hundred hands, Haxton erased the deficit altogether in one tide turning hand.

Flopping a set with pocket 8s, Haxton strung Blom along and happily called a bluff-shove from Isildur on the river to pull virtually even.

From there Haxton jumped ahead $80k himself over the next few hundred hands before Blom brought the contest back to even again to set up the big finish.

Didn't waste time getting back in action.

Down to the Wire - Last Three Hands Decide the Victor

With about 10 hands to go, Haxton had worked his way to a 23k lead and could have folded his way to victory, but these two weren’t going to go out like that.

They paused the action at 2,497 hands to make sure they didn’t exceed the 2,500-hand limit and then unpaused three tables to finish it out.

The first table went raise/fold but the second was a set vs straight cooler for Haxton that give Isildur a 40k+ pot and a slim lead back.

On the third table however, Isildur dumped about $8.5k back to Haxton when he folded to a flop bet and that gave Ike the final edge of $5,093.

The loss is only Isildur's second overall in the SuperStar Showdown series, both coming to Haxton.

Clearly not disheartened by his defeat, Isiludr1 quickly jumped into the high-stakes PLO games and even sat down for some $100/$200 hands with his next SuperStar Showdown opponent, British high-stakes specialist Alex “Kanu7” Millar.

Catch the next 2,500-hand SuperStar Showdown this Sunday on PokerStars; check out two of the biggest hands from the Haxton-Blom match-up below.

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