durrrr back to pummeling players online

Tom Dwan
Tom Dwan: Relentless, hat or no hat.

You just spent five days in a funny hat battling the world's toughest players at the WPT Championship before finally busting in ninth for $184,670. What happens next?

If you're Tom "durrrr" Dwan: You take the flamingo hat off (the last in a series of funny hats his friends made him wear for losing a prop bet) and immediately go back to terrorizing cash games online.

Adding to his growing legend, durrrr took all of about two hours after busting to get back to the $200/$400 Pot-Limit Omaha on Full Tilt Poker and start rolling his money over.

The end resullt was an extra $150k, a good chunk of it coming in a $112k pot tracked in the PokerListings.com MarketPulse Biggest Pots section with lady marmelade.

The hand details:

Full Tilt Poker Game #6169637448 TABLE: Eginton (six-max) $200/$400 - Pot-Limit Omaha Hi - Fri Apr 25 2008 - 7:47am ET

Seat 1: La Key U ($16,597)
Seat 2: durrrr ($76,743)
Seat 3: Luck123 ($9,397)
Seat 4: natso2 ($28,783)
Seat 5: lady marmelade ($55,638)
Seat 6: trex313 ($60,356)
natso2 posts the small blind of $200
lady marmelade posts the big blind of $400
The button is in seat #3


rex313 raises to $1,200
La Key U folds
durrrr has 15 seconds left to act
durrrr calls $1,200
Luck123 folds
natso2 folds
lady marmelade calls $800

Flop: Q A 7

lady marmelade bets $3,800
trex313 folds
durrrr has 15 seconds left to act
durrrr raises to $13,900
lady marmelade has 15 seconds left to act
lady marmelade calls $10,100

Turn: Q A 7 5

lady marmelade checks
durrrr has 15 seconds left to act
durrrr bets $31,600
lady marmelade has 15 seconds left to act
lady marmelade raises to $40,538, and is all-in
durrrr calls $8,938

lady marmelade shows [7 9 7 3]
durrrr shows [8 A A 4]

River: Q A 7 5 T

lady marmelade shows three-of-a-kind, sevens
durrrr shows three-of-a-kind, aces
durrrr wins the pot ($112,673) with three-of-a-kind, Aces
lady marmelade adds $8,000


Total pot $112,676 | Rake $3
Board: Q A 7 5 T
Seat 1: La Key U didn't bet (folded)
Seat 2: durrrr showed [8 A A 4] and won ($112,673) with three-of-a-kind, aces
Seat 3: Luck123 (button) didn't bet (folded)
Seat 4: natso2 (small blind) folded before the flop
Seat 5: lady marmelade (big blind) showed [7 9 7 3] and lost with three-of-a-kind, Sevens
Seat 6: trex313 folded on the flop

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