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Howard Lederer
The Professor spoke to Harvard Law School students on Monday.

They came, they spoke and by the end they had made a compelling argument.

Howard Lederer, who holds two WSOP gold bracelets, along with Crandell Addington, one of the founders of the World Series of Poker, spoke to a full house at Harvard Law School on Monday. The topic was legalizing poker and making it mainstream.

Poker has of course come under fire in recent years and last year the United States government passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) which effectively shut online poker out of the country. In addition, poker is still illegal in several states, including Texas.

Lederer, who ironically is sometimes known as "The Professor," defended the game and emphasized the skill needed to play poker.

"Poker is a microcosm of life," he told the Harvard Crimson newspaper. "Good players make their own luck."

Lederer went on to say there should be specific rules regarding poker and the Internet because skill plays such a significant role.

Andrew Woods, a third-year student at Harvard Law School, recently founded the Global Poker Strategic Thinking Society and he agreed with Lederer, saying poker teaches important life skills like risk assessment.

The GPSTS will be hosting another conference at Harvard Law School on Nov. 10. This time Mike Sexton, Jim McManus and Dr. Alan Shoonmaker will be stepping up to the plate to speak about poker. Sexton is one of game's premier players and is an ambassador of poker wherever he goes, while McManus has written some of most popular books about poker including Positively Fifth Street.

Anyone interested in the study of poker and in investigating the utility of the game is encouraged to attend the conference.

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