Harrah's reduces footprint with carbon offsets

Harrah's Las Vegas

The company responsible for the World Series of Poker says it's doing its part to solve global warming.

As part of its collaboration with NativeEnergy, an international marketer of carbon offsets, Harrah Entertainment purchased carbon offsets to help manage the impact of energy used during the six weeks of the world's largest poker tournament.

"Harrah's continues to look for innovative ways to conserve energy and demonstrate our commitment to environmental sustainability," said Gary Loveman, chairman, CEO and president of Harrah's.

"Our collaboration with NativeEnergy allows us to reduce the environmental impact of the world's largest poker event. We'd like to challenge WSOP players and guests to join us and also purchase carbon credits to make this a more eco-friendly event."

The purchase of carbon offsets at the WSOP will support NativeEnergy's distributed wind program. With this support from NativeEnergy, new wind turbines on farms throughout the Midwest will be put in place to help farmers reduce the global warming impact of their energy use.

According to Harrah's, this will reduce long-term electricity costs and help stabilize the electricity grid with renewable power generation.

NativeEnergy is a company that looks for ways to help offset carbon footprints with certified credits that fund alternative energy projects.

The Williamson family farm in Jasper, Minn. is an example of the type of project that the WSOP carbon offsets help support. The cattle and crop farm the family owns sprawls across 2,000 acres, and its 35-kilowatt wind turbine began generating renewable energy in 2007.

"We're very grateful for the support of companies like Harrah's and participants in the World Series of Poker who, working with NativeEnergy, help family farms across the country diversify our energy supply and fight global warning," said Wayne Williamson.

Carbon offsets can be purchased at the Harrah's booth off the main floor of the WSOP tournament area directly from NativeEnergy and are offered based on the average estimated travel distance and length of stay in the air-conditioned hotel.

"Harrah's continues to be a leader in environmentally sustainable programs. The collaboration with NativeEnergy allows Harrah's to provide their guests the opportunity to participate in effective solutions to the climate crisis that can be implemented today," says Tom Boucher, President and CEO of NativeEnergy.

"Environmentally conscious companies like Harrah's and their guests are reducing and offsetting their own emissions, directly supporting specific new projects and helping at-risk communities develop sustainable economies in harmony with core cultural values."

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