Hansen up $400k for October

Gus Hansen

After losing a couple million dollars on the Omaha and Hold'em tables, Gus Hansen's move to high-stakes 7-Game has proven to be a profitable decision so far.

Since making the move, Hansen has managed to minimize his losses and even grind out a few profits.

In fact, he has earned almost $400k in the month of October.

Although, over half of those profits came from the mixed-game tables on Full Tilt last night, where Hansen won $219k and was the night's biggest winner.

Somewhat surprisingly, considering where the high-stakes games have moved from, the Great Dane's biggest pot came during Pot-Limit Omaha.

Hansen got it all in on the turn with top pair and a flush draw versus Ziigmund's straight draw and lower pair. In the end, the river gave Hansen top two and the $114k pot.

The other notable results on the night included winners Abe "EazyPeazy" Mosseri ($191k) and Patrik Antonius (162k).

But regardless of the relatively small number of large wins posted, the night did see some substantial losses, including DIN_FRU (reportedly Swedish pro Erik Sagstrom), who topped the list losing over $363k.

Online regular 458854 came in a close second with a $344k loss, while John Juanda walked away down just over $193k.

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