Hansen out-zags ziigmund

Gus Hansen
Gus finds 450,000 reasons to smile.

By winning all but one of the six largest pots in their heads-up session on Full Tilt last night, Gus Hansen managed to beat out ziigmund for over $450,000 worth of pots.

Regardless of who sits across from the Great Dane, the $500/$1,000 Hansen Knockout heads-up table on the site is host to a high-stakes bloodbath almost nightly.

For the last half of March Hansen has been on the ropes, ready to fully self-destruct, showering the other nosebleed players in an endless stream of $100,000 pots.

However, he turned his luck around last night, posting a winning session against one of the most feared online players in the world.

Out of the six largest pots in the heads-up session, Hansen took down five - three worth well over $100,000, including the largest pot of the session standing at a whopping $154,000.

More hand replays can be found by clicking to our MarketPulse section, but here's a look at the four largest pots of the session:


A little luck on the turn

ziigmund drawing dead on the turn

That's strong, right?

Set vs. set

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