Hansen, OnTheRize donate $130k to raptor fund

It's a cruel, cruel game, Pot-Limit Omaha. Especially at the $200/$400 tables on Full Tilt, where you're surrounded by relentless aggression, unlimited bankrolls and a Charles Barkley-esque level of gamble.

With few chances to get your money in as a huge favorite, anyone who sits is on the edge of a punishing financial downswong, with $500k-$1 million swings the norm in a single short session.

Doesn't seem to stop anybody from playing, though, as the high-stakes PLO tables at Tilt have been off the charts with action since the WSOP hit the pause button.

Case in point: Another stacked six-max session that went off early this morning, featuring Gus Hansen, Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond, online killer David "raptor" Benefield and regular OnTheRize, which produced the third-biggest pot online so far this week.

The benefactor: online phenom Benefield, who initiated a pre-flop raising war that ended up with $200k going in the middle on not much more than a wing and a prayer.

Punching the hole cards into the PL.com odds calculator, it's pretty clear you have to be willing to gamble to play the big game, as no one ultimately pushed with better than a 46.9% chance to win (Hansen), and OnTheRize and Benefield at 25.67% and 27.15% respectively.

The flop and turn pumped it up to 66.8% to win for Hansen, but again showing how easily a pot can be yanked from your grasp in Omaha, a queen on the river filled Benefield's straight and $200k was pushed his way.


hand history#, as tracked by the PL.com MarketPulse section


OnTheRize has 15 seconds left to act
OnTheRize raises to $1,200
David Benefield raises to $4,200
ICallSoWhat calls $4,200
OMGClayAiken calls $4,200
Gus Hansen raises to $22,600
bballer88 folds
OnTheRize has 15 seconds left to act
OnTheRize raises to $80,800
David Benefield calls $70,900.50, and is all-in
ICallSoWhat folds
OMGClayAiken has 15 seconds left to act
OMGClayAiken has requested TIME
OMGClayAiken folds
Gus Hansen calls $21,397, and is all-in
OnTheRize shows [A K 2 K]
David Benefield shows [9 6 K J]
Gus Hansen [A 8 A 7]
Uncalled bet of $5,699.50 returned to OnTheRize

Flop: [7 2 T]

Turn: [7 2 T][9]

River: [7 2 T][9][Q]

OnTheRize shows a pair of kings
David Benefield shows a straight, king-high
David Benefield wins the side pot ($62,207) with a straight, king-high
Gus Hansen shows a pair of aces
David Benefield wins the main pot ($140,788) with a straight, king-high
Gus Hansen is sitting out
OnTheRize adds $7,801.50


Total pot $202,998 Main pot $140,791. Side pot $62,207. | Rake $3
Board: [7 2 T 9 Q]
Seat 1: OMGClayAiken (button) folded before the flop
Seat 2: Gus Hansen (small blind) showed [A 8 A 7] and lost with a pair of aces
Seat 3: bballer88 (big blind) folded before the flop
Seat 4: OnTheRize showed [A K 2 K] and lost with a pair of kings
Seat 5: David Benefield showed [9 6 K J] and won ($202,995) with a straight, king-high
Seat 6: ICallSoWhat folded before the flop

To see more pots from this morning's big sessions, or more of the 100 biggest pots won online over the past day, week, month and year, jump to the PokerListings.com MarketPulse section.

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