Hansen Hits for $262k

Gus Hansen
Gus Hansen

Gus Hansen was the biggest winner last night, pulling in over $250k to keep his recent hot streak going.

Hansen played just 311 hands of Pot-Limit Omaha last night but managed to record some big wins, particularly against DrugsOrMe and Di “Urindanger” Dang.

The Great Dane beat DrugsOrMe out of $106k playing heads-up $500/$1,000 Cap PLO and then added another $111k against Urindanger in the same game.

Hansen also found time to make some scores in a $200/$400 PLO Six-Max game that included skjervoy and DrugsOrMe.

In total Hansen won $262k, which leaves his total losses this year at $892k. It’s the first time in over three months he’s been under the $1 million mark.

Hansen, who’s been red hot the last few weeks, easily won the most cash last night but psychobenny (+$144k), URnotINdanger2 (+$144k) and IHateJuice (+$72k) also had big nights.

Meanwhile cadillac1944 lost more than anyone else, donating a total $198k to the high stakes tables on Full Tilt.

Arbianight also continued his recent downswing with $159k in losses while Urindanger, in part thanks to Hansen, lost $119k.

Even Phil Ivey, who’s started to pop up on Full Tilt since returning from Macau, lost $90k in a scant 105 hands on the site.

For more information about the high stakes online poker action from last night be sure to check our online poker stats section.

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