Hansen faces Bloch in Full Tilt Fight Night

Andy Bloch
Can Andy block the punches Gus will throw in a heads-up match?

Gus Hansen and Andy Bloch will go head to head Friday night for Full Tilt Poker's first Friday Night Fights series.

This will be a winner-takes-all heads-up match between the two Team Full Tilt pros.

Gus Hansen is well-known for his high-stakes online play as well as for being a menace at the live tables.

Andy Bloch may not get quite the same amount of attention online, but he's got some street cred of his own when it comes to playing heads-up.

Bloch had a good run in the 2008 NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship, finishing second behind Chris "Jesus" Ferguson.

On Friday players can find out how Bloch can stand up against Hansen, and also get behind the player they expect to win.

Players can choose to play in one of two Friday Night Fights Main Event $5k Sweat tournaments.

The entry fee for the sweats is $10+$1, and players can only play in one sweat. This week, they'll choose between either the Hansen or the Bloch Sweat Tournament.

The winner of the sweat linked to the pro who wins the heads-up match will also receive a free buy-in to the next $500+$35 Knockout Bounty Tournament on top of the prize money awarded in the sweat.

The sweats begin play at 8:05 p.m. ET.

The $500 Knockout Tournament will take place every Friday at 9 p.m.; the same time the Friday Night Fights main event gets started.

The Knockout Tournament will have a $75,000 guaranteed prize pool, and players can also earn $100 for every opponent they knock out of the tournament.

Along with the free entry for the winner of the sweats and direct buy-in, players can also earn their way into the Knockout Tournament through satellites for as little as $1, or 50 Full Tilt Points.

The Friday Night Fights series is expected to run throughout the coming months with other Full Tilt Poker pros taking seats in the heads-up main event battle.


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