Hansen, durrrr wage war on Full Tilt poker

Gus Hansen
All durrrr'ed out.

Full Tilt pro Gus Hansen was very busy last night.

Taking a quick look at the MarketPulse top 100 biggest online pots you'll see the well-known Danish pro involved in the majority of the action.

Of the top 10 biggest hands for July 30, Hansen was a part of nine of them. But even more impressive was the fact Hansen actually won eight of them.

Hansen's night actually began on July 29 when he was dominated by both Brian "sbrugby" Townsend and Tom "durrrr" Dwan. Apparently Townsend took Hansen for approximately $600,000 while Dwan was up nearly $800,000.

However, Hansen's luck changed for the better in the early hours of July 30, as he won nearly 10 hands in a row playing heads-up with Dwan.

Although Hansen's exact total for the session wasn't known, he did erase at least some of the earlier losses.

In the biggest hand of the session, Hansen turned a jack-high flush and shoved on the river for his last $60,000. Dwan called and insta-mucked when he saw Hansen's hand. The Great Dane raked $185,385 for winning the hand.

It's worth noting that 2009 WSOP November Niner Phil Ivey also made an appearance at the high-stakes Full Tilt tables over the last two nights.

It was business as usual for Ivey as he crushed the opposition for approximately $760,000, which is about three-quarters of what he will receive if he busts out in ninth at the Main Event final table. Not bad for a few hours worth of work.

You can check out the two biggest hands from the Hansen/durrrr showdown in the PokerListings' hand replayer below:

Hansen is good.

Hansen scores again.

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