Hansen Continues to Crush

Gus Hansen
Gus Hansen

With yet another $400k victory in the books, Gus Hansen is officially red hot in the high stakes games on Full Tilt Poker.

Last night Hansen logged onto Full Tilt looking for action and immediately found a willing competitor in constant rival Di “Urindanger” Dang.

The pair opened several tables of heads-up $200/$400 and $500/$1,000 Pot-Limit Omaha and proceeded to play nearly 2,000 hands.

Hansen essentially beat Urindanger up over the span of the session and eventually finished up $447k.

In the last two weeks Hansen has raked in over $1.3 million and is showing no signs of slowing down. Although the Great Dane is still down $2.2 million this year, he’s doing much better then when he was down $3.6 million at the start of the month.

Meanwhile Urindanger, who has yet to dip into the red this year, is holding on with a $612k profit in 2010.

In other high stakes news last night Luukie21 managed to win $161k, which was his best result in the last few days.

Other winners included bixiu ($78k), EazyPeazy ($75k), rumprammer ($69k), Shawn Buchanan ($53k) and jungleman12 ($43k).

Tom Dwan finally played a session last night but for some reason it wasn’t a durrrr Challenge II one against jungleman12. Dwan ended up losing $62k over 95 hands.

Dwan was joined in the losing category by Vaga_Lion (-$93k), sbrugby (-$77k), LokoisBack (-$57k) and Markus Golser (-$52k.

Here’s a collection of the biggest hands last night. Be sure to check out our online poker stats section for more information.


Gus Hansen wins a monster.


Urindanger returns the favor.


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