Hansen continues huge downswing against Ziigmund

Ilari Sahamies
Has Gus Hansen ever heard the song Free Falling?

Apparently Gus Hansen isn't content with only losing to the Dang brothers this week as he took a crack at Finnish cash-game wizard Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies last night.

Unfortunately for Hansen the result was the same.

The Great Dane was involved in all 10 of the biggest pots recorded by MarketPulse last night and he lost six of them to Ziigmund alone.

In the biggest hand of the session Ziggy was dealt A Q 6 5 while Hansen looked down to find A 2 J T.

After Ziigmund bet and Hansen called the flop came Q 5 3. After frantic back-and-forth betting both players got it all-in and showed their cards. The board finished with the 3 and then finally with the Q.

Ziigmund raked a $130,995 pot with his epic full house.

Hansen was rumored to be down over $300,000 after the session. Things are getting ugly for Hansen, who after running up over $2 million in profits in early 2009 has donated almost all of it back within the last few weeks of running bad.

As always keep checking MarketPulse for all your high stakes updates including the durrrr Challenge and Hansen's seven-figure fall from grace.

Check below to see how the biggest hand of the Ziggy/Hansen session played out last night:

GG sir.

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